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Nissan 350z Workshop Service

Nissan 350z Workshop Service Repair Pdf Manuals

Nissan Service Repair Manual

Years:Size: Link:

 Nissan 350z 2003

 42 MB Download

 Nissan 350z 2004

 67 MB Download

 Nissan 350z 2005

 70 MB Download

 Nissan 350z 2006

 70 MB Download

 Nissan 350z 2007

 63 MB Download

 Nissan 350z 2008

 64 MB Download

 Nissan 350z 2009

 65 MB Download

Nissan 350z Workshop Service Repair Pdf Manuals

Everything you need to know about this new Nissan 350Z is, that when it comes to its price and performance ratio, a re-creation of the segment-busting Datsun 240Z, which is set upside down in 1970, the sports car world.

If the original Z-car appeared, sportscar lovers basically had two options. On the one hand, they spend less than $ 4000 and from an assortment of Fiats, MGs, Opels, triumphs, and the Porsche 914/4, all of which had about 100 horsepower and not enough power, choose to keep up with a Chevy Impala that it was not know race. On the other hand, if they wanted serious speed, they had 911. The 240Z, the spending with a 150-hp 2.4-liter straight six and came over for a Corvette, Jaguar E-type, or Porsche $ 5000 a price of $ 3601 neatly split the difference and a new category of its own.

Fast forward to today. For $ 21,800 you can get a 142-hp Mazda Miata. For a couple more grand, there is a similarly powerful Toyota MR2. But if you are serious grunt want – over 250 hp in these days – in a true sports car, you have to step up to the $ 42,420 Corvette.

The new Nissan 350Z Service Manual completely shatters this PS hierarchy. With a base price of $ 26,809 the resurrected Z-car costs almost 10 percent more than a gentleman Two, but it has more than twice as small Toyota power. In fact, a total of 287 horsepower of the 350Z is just a few ponies shy of what costs offered in a Porsche 911, the two and a half times as much as the Nissan.

Tested even the top-of-the-line track model here – with front and rear spoilers (removal of front and rear lift and cut the drag coefficient from 0.30 to 0.29), Rays Engineering forged aluminum 18-inch wheels (saving a total of nearly 18 pounds unsprung weight), Brembo brakes, viscous limited-slip differential, aluminum pedals and raft of non-performance upgrades – is valid for only $ 34,619, $ 7,810 more than a base Z.

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